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Get Ready for 2014!


We are starting 2014 with one of the best APPLIANCE auctions we have ever had.  You don't need to miss this one!  Lots of brand new Appliances.

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Spring Time Patio & Garden Auction

Auction Starts: Monday, Apr. 14, 2014, 6:00PM EST

Full Truckload of Springtime Patio & Rugs! First, over 200 brand new area rugs up to 10x12, including beautiful spring colors and the latest designs. Every rug is brand new! Then, we have several full patio sets including tables, chairs, umbrellas, lounge chairs, wrought iron chairs and more! Some upwards of over $1,000 per set! These will be out on the sidewalk due to limited space in the auction! We also have garden fountains, hose reels, patio heaters, Huge Solid Wood Fireplaces some with Marble, storage racks, shelving, closet maid organizers, stainless trash cans, solar lights, bluetooth garden lighting, flower pots, fire pits, microwaves, fireplace heaters, big tool boxes, furniture covers, wheel barrels, and more! Simply, anything you want to spruce up your yard or patio, it is here for Monday night! Come early due to limited seating, and lots of items on the sidewalk! This is a HUGE auction, and bring your truck or trailer!

Everything Sells Regardless of Price!

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