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Our Next Auction


Our next auction on July 10th is going to be an awesome auction!  Our place is packed, and this is a much bigger auction than our normal Monday Night sale!

With that being said, we will be closing for 2 weeks after this auction for vacation, cleaning, and maintenance.  We typically close every year in order to gear up for the second half of the year for our auction family!

Enjoy your little break from us over these two Monday Nights, but be ready for some super auctions when we reopen.  We will start back on July 31st at 6pm with a HUGE APPLIANCE AUCTION!  Keep an eye on this website for upcoming announcements, pictures, and POSSIBLY AN ONLINE ONLY AUCTION while we are away!

Auction Calendar

Online Only - Online Auction Ends Sunday - July 30th - 7pm!

Items Start Ending: Sunday, Jul. 30, 2017, 7:00PM EST
Items end at different times

Auction will end beginning at 7pm July 30th! Once auction closes, you can pay your invoices online and pick your items up at our auction showroom!

Terms: Cash, Check, Credit Card (MC or Visa). 13% Buyer's Premium, with a 3% discount for Cash Only payments and pickup within 2 business days of auction's close.

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Awesome Major Appliance Auction & More

Auction Starts: Monday, Jul. 31, 2017, 6:00PM EST

Big Awesome Truckload of Appliances this week including beautiful French Door Refrigerators, Stainless Steel French Refrigerator, Black French Refrigerator, Several Side by Side Refrigerators including white and stainless, Top / Bottom Refrigerators, Stainless Steel Smooth Top Stove, Stainless Steel Slide in Stove, Black Coil Top Stoves, Several Smooth Top Stoves, Several Glass Top Samsung Washing machines, Several Apartment Style Stoves, Several Large Upright Freezers, Glass Top Samsung Washing Machines with the built in Sink, Several Matching Washer Dryer Sets, Chest Deep Freezers, Tables full of Mini Refrigerators, and tons more!

This is an AWESOME AUCTION...very nice product, and EVERYTHING has been tested and WORKING!

Everything Sells Regardless Of Price!!!

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Huge Inside and Outside Pallet Liquidation Auction

Auction Starts: Monday, Aug. 7, 2017, 6:00PM EST

Huge Inside and Outside Pallet Auction featuring lots of pallet deals, pallets brand new laminate flooring, pallets of pavers and lanscaping stones, pallets of tools, pallets of general merchandise, pallets of small appliances, pallets of hardware, and other miscellaneous items on and off of pallets.

Please come out and attend this special auction as it is gonna be a huge auction!

Everything Sells Regardless Of Price!!!

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