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Shingles for Sale - $50 per SQUARE


We just got in two truckloads of unwrapped Architectual Shingles.  These are Name Brand Shingles, 30 yr, and come 10 squares per pallet.  Each pallet is one color.  The price is $50 per square ($500 per pallet) sold by the pallet only.

We have over 300 squares in stock.  Colors include Weatherwood, Timberwood, Green, Blue, Slate, Red, White, Grey

Please give us a call if you are interested - 843.774.0443
This is not auction material, rather a direct buy!

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Industrial & Shop Tool Auction - First Ever!

Auction Starts: Monday, Aug. 22, 2016, 6:00PM EST

Brand New Load of Industrial Tools, Ag Tools, and Shop Tools this week from a new vendor. First ever load like this one!

Expect to see boat trailers, 5x8 trailers, 4x8 trailers, metal band saws, industrial pipe threader, huge pto spreader for your tractor, harrow rakes, drags, 3 point hitches, cutting torch hoses and reels, power cord reals, hose reals, 1400 lb garden trailers, dump trailers, 10 ton log splitters, diesel fuel refilling stations, gigantic socket sets for tractors, 3 ton arbor presses, floor drill presses, metal break and shear combo, automatic swing gate openers, sausage stuffers, french fry cutters, big propane deep fryers, hydraulic controllers, back up camers, drill bit sets, log grapplers, plier sets, lawn mower trailers, drywall carts, big platform carts, and tons more!

Bring your truck and trailer...this stuff is HEAVY!

Everything Sells Regardless Of Price!!!

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