We at APC Liquidators are pleased for you to visit our auction website. Whether you are an APC Liquidator's prospective seller, buyer or affiliate, our site has exciting information for you. An auction by APC Liquidators combines the proven power of our Accelerated Marketing Program with LIVE AUCTIONS and the incredible reach of the Internet and other cutting-edge technologies to reach a wide market in selling via the auction method.

APC Liquidators is a full service auction facility located on Main St. in Dillon, SC. Ashley, Preston, and Charlie (APC) - and now Gatlin (our youngest son) are the proud owners. All of our auctions are ABSOLUTE AUCTIONS! To us, this is the fairest of all auction formats, and proves to be a market leader in the liquidation and recovery of marketable merchandise. Just ask anyone who has been to one of our auctions, and they will AGREE! Our auction company is built on integrity, honesty, and dedication to our sellers, our buyers, and finally ourselves.

The auction method of liquidating assets dates back hundreds of years, but our style of conducting auctions makes us quiet unique.  In fact, we hear it all the time.."Our auction is the best around."  Charlie is a working auctioneer, meaning he mingles amongst the goods he's selling, he mingles with the people, and he moves more merchandise per hour than most auction companies move in an entire auction.  Fact is, APC sells out every single Monday night!  Hundreds to over 1,000 lots get sold in 3 - 4 hours each Monday.  Our customers come ready to bid, as they know that is the only way to buy anything at APC!

Furthermore, APC Liquidators believes in community involvement by actively performing charity auctions for non profit organizations and becoming a leader in the community. We vow to do our very best for the auction profession, in representing it well with our hard work and dedication.

Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your prospective needs for a hard working, honest auction company, who pursues every lead to recovery top dollar for your assets. As a buyer, call us for details on our weekly auctions EVERY MONDAY @ 6pm, an BID LIVE on our online auctions.

Ashley, Preston, & Charlie Johnson (Owner) - and now Gatlin