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Next Auction - June 26th - 6pm!


We will not be having an auction on June 19th!  Due to scheduling conflicts and having to be out of town to represent our coaching staff for our Latta All-Star baseball team, APC Liquidators will be close on June 19th.  Our next auction will be on June 26th - 6pm!  And take a look at the pictures and description, as this is the best merchandise we have ever gotten for a auction!  We hope to see each and everyone of our customer on June 26th so you can be a part of this awesome auction!

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High End General Merchandise Auction - All Brand New!

Auction Starts: Monday, Jun. 26, 2017, 6:00PM EST

This is going to be the best auction ever! This is the best merchandise we have ever gotten for general merchandise! It is full of High End Cookware, Electronics, Housewares, Furniture, Home Decor, Pet Stuff, Tools, and more! Not to mention, everything is BRAND NEW! Expect to see the professional DJ sound sytem (3000 watts), several Sound Systems like I use to auctioneer with, High End LED Projectors used for Movies and Big Screen Presentations, Brand New Recliners and Side Chairs, Brand New Metal Table and Chair Set, Wicker High Rise Chairs, Vitamix Blenders that sell for over $500 each, igrow Hair Rejuvination system that sells for over $500, 1000, 1100, and 1200 thread count sheet sets that are the real deal, several brand new table top ice makers, several big daddy air deep fryers, several Jack Lalane Juicer Systems, Several Fancy comforter sets, The all new copper cookware, along with Rachel Ray, Stainless, Guy Fiery, New Super Nice Cutlery and Knife Sets, Brand New Electric Pressure Washers, Brand New Dual Tank Air Compressor, Brand New Cordless Drill Set, All types of Pet Pens and Pet Gates, Battery Operated Motorcycles, Wooden Benches, Home Theater Sound Bar Systems, Awesome Brand New Klondike Camping Tents with Screened Porches, all types of Flat TV Mounts, The biggest teddy bear I have ever seen, Fold up party Wagons, ice cream dessert makers, all types of men's and women's shoes and boots, smart door locks with bluetooth, memory foam pet beds, brand new irons and clothes steamers, stainless steel motion sensor trash cans, several of the fit bit style watches and bands, and tons more!

Again, this is the best merchandise we have ever gotten! Please come check us out for this one!

Everything Sells Regardless Of Price!!!

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